Bitoku Labs / Solana Validator
High-Performance Solana Validator Operated by Bitoku Labs


Bitoku Labs is a Social Storage Blockchain being built on the Solona ecosystem to support all Web3 projects. Bitoku operates its own High-Performance Solana Validator that is housed in a secure, carrier-neutral colocation facility in Troy, MI. We offer a highly competitive commission rate and are using very capable hardware.

We believe decentralization is one key element in the future of web3, so we choose a data center with no other validators currently present. This helps the Solana chain to be more decentralized and therefore, more resiliant to cencorship and more resistant to faults due to hardware failures and regional internet backbone outages. We also have diverse A/B power feeds with fully separate power distribution, including UPS and generators with minimum 72 hour runtime. We also have redundant cooling systems here to give our validator the best chance for the 100% uptime we will always be striving for.

Our validator operators are skilled developers and tech enthusuasts with an unexplainable drive to make technology usable for the masses. Choosing individuals with this mindset, ensures that we always are driven to maintain our equipment and succeed at our goals. We are also spread out among multiple time zones for the off chance that anything were to go south outside regular business hours.


To ensure a solid and secure validator, we use the same security best practices as recommended by most every tech firm out there. We keep our OS and Validator software up to date, we keep only the bare minimum software running on our server, we close ports that aren't strictly needed, and we monitor for suspicious activity and activly ban anyone or anything that touches our server without authorization. In addition to keeping the system running current software, our server is located in a secure facility that is staffed 24/7, includes cctv monitoting, and utilizes 2FA for entry.

The strength and security of the individual validator is where the strength and security of the Solana Ecosystem is drived. We don't assume this role lightly.